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4 Corners ETC. is a worldwide lifestyle community “for the Intellect and the Savoir-Faire” - the ETC in our name stands for Entertainment, Travel and Culture. We organize tours, excursions/daytrips, supper clubs & culinary features, arts & cultural events promotion (e.g. music reviews and playlists) as well as intellectual content commentary & review etc.

We develop experiential travel and tour packages whereby our clients’ experiences are deep, their immersions broad, their learning meaningful and their participation mindful.

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In Lalibela we have developed a package that is in keeping with these promises. Our package is an all-round faith-based and culturally-relevant set of experiences

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Experience Guaranteed

  • 1. Intellectual tutorials about church history and doctrine
  • 2. Firsthand participation in—and not mere observation of—church services
  • 3. Daytrip tours of ancient churches and other such holy sites and facilities
  • 4. In-field cooking observations and out-door dining experiences
  • 5. Cultural life demonstrations like coffee ceremonies as well as dance and song celebrations
  • 6. Scenic mountain-high treks and walkabouts

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Misty and mild serenity abounds in Lalibela

Misty and mild serenity abounds in Lalibela

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